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I was born and raised in Romania. as a 6 years old gurl,i came to germany. My parents both musicians,gave me the talent and passion for music. I love singing and to write songs in english and german language. As long as i can think, i loved singing and writeing my feelings down. My music is a mixure of R&B /Jazz/Hip Hop it also includes electro sounds.I just love the different shades of music./Users/silvia/Desktop/baby ultraschall/priceliste Im workin on my album and lookin forward to release is as soon as possible. Vita : Born in Satu Mare, Romania, she raised up in an artists family up to the age of six. Both, father and mother are graduated musicians and her older brother is a jazz piano player. At the age of twelve she fell in love with jazz and started singing and performing, accompanied by her brother. Two years later the first demo recordings got produced. Over the years Delyah has become what she is today: a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice, self-confident and sensitive, writing words from the heart but also rocking the clubs as a femal MC .Delyah does not even try to control her music. She follows the path the music shows her, with a confidence coming from the depth of her soul – knowing that her way is the right way. For all of us, listening to her voice and music, the songs are reflecting shades of all colors, like a rainbow: it’s R’n’B,Vocal-House Soul, HipHop, Jazz and Funk. It’s the mixture of all these facets making her performance so interesting and special – you can even see her different sounds in her appearance. As seeing her for the first time, you can not say if she is European, Latino or even mixed with something African? But you can feel that all these things are part of her musical soul, melted in her guts and now ready to get sung out by her crystal-clear voice. Delyah’s personal concern is to touch people with her songs, tell them real stories happened during the past years. It’s her way to handle what she experienced, because all her lyrics are autobiographic – are stories of her life

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